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Educators often take thinking for granted. After all, thinking is something that we do naturally, without “thinking” much about it. Teachers expect their students to think about what they learn and to learn to be good thinkers.
But what does it mean to be a good thinker? How can teachers know when students are thinking deeply? Can teachers help students become better thinkers? Indeed, how many teachers even discuss the topic of thinking with students? And what do we want students to learn and think deeply about?
For two years, I’ve explored the topic of thinking with small groups of preservice teachers to learn how looking at and exploring art images could deepen and strengthen their own thinking and that of their students. Over time, these preservice teachers shifted in their thinking about thinking and became more aware of the importance of deep thinking. They showed greater appreciation for the value of identifying “big ideas” in their respective subject disciplines and of rethinking their curriculum and classroom lessons around these ideas.

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