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Seminarios, Charlas u Otros

How do we develop life competencies in our students?

  • Sede Online
  • Modalidad Streaming
  • Horario 17:00 a 18:00 hrs.


Claudia Godia
Coordinadora de Extensión
E-mail: claudiagodia@udd.cl


Nowadays, education has been exposed to multiple challenges, not only due to the world pandemic, but also the influence of the information society. Life competencies need to be developed in all educational levels: preschool, primary, secondary and higher education in order to prepare human beings to life, guide their tasks and share experiences with others.

This seminar provides different opportunities for teachers who want to develop in their students effective competencies across the curriculum.


Dirigido a

Profesores de inglés, estudiantes de pedagogía en inglés, profesores de enseñanza básica mención inglés, educadores de párvulos con mención inglés, estudiantes de pedagogías con mención inglés, profesores de todas las asignaturas y estudiantes de todas las pedagogías dado el vínculo con las Competencias del Siglo XXI.


Ezia Valenzuela

Holder of a Doctorate Degree in Educational Planning and Innovation from Universidad de Alcalá; Master degree in Educational Planning and Management at Universidad Diego Portales and; Teacher of English and Bachelor degree in English language teaching and literature from PUCV.